ELEMENTS OF NATURE, “eco-made” by Dr. Grandel, is a state of the art natural cosmetic that combines nature with tradition and cosmetic experience with results in a unique professional manner.

Gentle preparation and special care for every skin type.

ANTI STRESS - Specifically developed to meet the needs of dry, sensitive skin.

DERMA PUR – Brings  oily and combination skin into balance.

HYDRO SOFT – Hydrates moisture deprived skin.

ANTI AGE – Rejuvenates mature skin.

REGENERATION – Protects demanding skin from the elements.


This gentle gel formula with mild cleansing agents from the world of nature purifies and refreshes, leaving the skin feeling naturally clean in a whole new way. Removes  most waterproof eye makeup.


This natural Wheat Germ element is a multi-active essence with a smoothing, stimulating and toning effect. Epigran is suitable for all skin types and makes the skin look naturally fresh, revitalized and youthfully radiant.

BEAUTY FLASH – an active concentrate for smooth, even looking skin. Refines pores and reduces redness and irritation to produce a flawless complexion.

CELL REPAIR – a rejuvenating active concentrate with fruit stem cells. Stimulates skin’s ability to regenerate itself. Protects against light-induced skin aging. Leaves skin visibly smoother with a glowing, radiant complexion.

COLLAGRAN - complex of active ingredients with properties similar to those of collagen for intensive care of demanding skin. Containing a carrot extract and biopeptides. Collagran offers an alternatibe to animal-source collagen smoothing the skin and having a benevollent effect on wrinkle depth.

RETINOL - active substance concentrate that counteracts the signs of aging. Even pronounced wrinkles are visibly reduced by retinol. This intensibe night care reduces lines and wrinkles while you sleep.

- sensitive skin is bery sesceptible to irritations. Ultra Sensigran immediately soothes the skin and quickly relieves irritations and at the same time provides the necessart moisture to the skin and supports its capacity of regeneration. Nofragrances, no colourants, no preservatives added.
CONTOUR LIFT – an active concentrate with “push-up” effect. Tightens and smoothes the skin and promotes firmer contours. Creates an immediate ‘lift’ effect.

SKIN REFIRM – a firming active concentrate which also counteracts pigmentation irregularities. Stimulates collagen production for visibly younger looking skin.


This mask with its creamy texture harnesses EPIGRAN and kaolin to give skin a beautiful smooth and even look in just a few minutes. A quick beautifier for all skin types, it provides any skin with extra natural care and moisture.


An intensive care formula for eyes and lips offering the smoothing and firming properties of EPIGRAN, carotene and lavender extract. Reduces the look of fine lines as well as signs of stress and fatigue. The skin around the eyes and lips appears noticeably younger, fresher, and relaxed.

America’s #1 Eyelash Conditioner, for longer, fuller looking lashes.  RevitaBrow ™ is now available for the improvement of thin, sparse brows.

Skin care products for beautiful skin with a sense of well-being...

*Natural Active Ingredients

*A Highly Effective Combination of Active Ingredients

*The Successful Integration of New High-Tech Active Ingredients with Traditional Ones

*The Treatment of Special Skin Problems.  Our Highest Goal is to Achieve Relaxed and Healthy Beauty for All Our Customers

Immediate Help for Sensitive, Dry Skin

Effective day cream, especially for sensitive skin.  Plant extracts of hibiscus, camomile and marigold as well as panthenol and vitamins calm stressed skin and together, with valuable shea butter and natural oils, diminish the feelings of tautness.  The protective barrier and resistance of the skin are supported and irritations are gently reduced.  Antioxidants protect against free radicals. 

Moisturizing Concealer for Irritated, Red and Impure Skin.

The light texture evens the complexion and hides tiny imperfections.  Panthenol and bisabolol calm and smooth irritated skin.  Redness and impurities disappear more quickly while they are perfectly concealed by the natural skin shades.  Has a gentle matting effect and diminishes the "shine" of oily skin.  Excellent for all skin types.  Comes in four shades.  Also suitable as a makeup base.

Multi-Active Eye Cream for Diminishing Wrinkles and Dark Circles Around the Eyes.

The velvety soft texture soothes the sensitive, tired eye zone and protects against harmful environmental influences.  It combines effective moisture regulation with active refreshment.  Tired skin appears smoothed and relaxed again.  The carefully selected natural oils guarantee optimum protection and a high level of tolerability.  Contains no coloring agents or perfume. 



 Known as the pure line Oxygen Botanical products are water-based and utilizes the most advanced natural botanical and pharmaceutical ingredients.  Pure oxygen replenishes the epidermis with life by stimulating new cell formation.  


Hydrates the skin through the use of Hyaluronic Acid which has the ability to bind and retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water.  Alleviates effects of severely dry to dehydrated skin, leaving it soft and smooth.  Sodium Lactate, Sodium PCA and Ceramide III, powerful humectants, provide an additional boost to preventing moisture loss.  Willow bark extract provides drawing out properties.  Suitable for all skin types, but especially beneficial for aging or severely dry skin. 

                                             by Dr. Grandel

Timeless... for a timelessly beautiful skin
Firm contours and a youthfully vibrant look! Indulge your clients with a unique rejuevenating experience.
The skin has the ability to renew itself continuously. this process of renewal slows down with the  passing years and results in changes to the apperance of the skin. Extrrinsic factors to which we are constantly exposed, can increase changes assobiated with natural aging. Signs of premature aging and loss of elastibity can manifest themselves as a consequence. This is where the Dr. Grandel Timelss series comes in.
....allows the sign of time to disappera
The timeless products provide the comprehensive and targeted care that the skin needs to challenge the signs of time. The formulations probide a broad spectrum of actives and the latest in ingredient technology and anti-aging research.
Exclusive to the Timeless series - Beech Shoot Extract
An anti-aging complex extracted from the young shoots of the ceech tree. The tissue of these delicate plant parts are known for abundance jof highly active substances which work to accelerate skin regeneration and encourage cell renewal. So counteracting skin aging.
Revitalizing Cream for dry skin

  • 24 - hour anti-aging skin care
  • gives skin a youthfully firm look
  • smoothes out lines and wrinkles
  • improves skin elasticity
  • protects the skin against moisture loss
  • makes skin feel soft and supple

Beech Shoot Extract - anti-aging active.
Ceramides - strengthen skin's protective barrier.
Oat Extract - smoothes the skin.

Balancing Cream for normal to combination skin

  • 24-hour anti-aging skin care
  • bestows the skin with a youthfully firm look
  • smoothes out lines and wrinkles
  • improves skin elasticy
  • protects the skin against moisture loss
  • reduces shine in the T-zone
  • promotes an even skin surface

Beech Shoot Extract - anti-aging active.
Ceramides - strengthen skin's protective barrier.
Oat Extract - smoothes the skin.
Intelligen Sebum Balancer - normalizes localized oil overproduction.

CONCENTRATE - firming concentrate against wrinkles

  • deep- acting anti-aging serum
  • takes a multiaceted approach to fighting wrinkles
  • counteracts skin aging
  • promotes firmer contours and improves skin elasticity
  • noticeably corrects lines and wrinkles, particularly those caused by continuous facial expressions and movements
  • light-refracting pigments enhance radiance

Beech Shoot extract - anti-aging active.
Soy Isoflavones - firm up facial contours
Skin Relax Peptides - diminish expression lines.
Yeast Extract - corrects wrinkles.

Alpha Mask - anti-age mask

  • soft and smoothe anti-aging mask with enzymes
  • restructures and refines skin's texture
  • dry, rough and scaly skin areas appear smooth and supple
  • leaves skin with an unparalleled feeling of comfort

Impulse Enzymes - stimulate cell renewal and have a smoothing effect on skin's surface.
Lupi Oil - protects the elastic fibres and strengthens the connective tissue.
Isoflavone Complex - improves skin elasticity.

RETINOL BALM - intensive night care

  • contains retinol encapsulated in liposomes
  • promotes an enev skin surface
  • stimulates cell renewal
  • smoothes and refines the complexion
  • noticeably reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles

Retinol - stimulates the formation of new sells.
Liposomes - active ingredient and, at the same times, carrier system. As a carrier system, liposomes protect the delicate Retinol and also facilitate its penetration into the skin.
As an active ingredient, liposomes help strengthen skin's protectibe barrier, provide smoothing benefits, improve skin's hydration level and assist skin regeneration.

EYE & LIP FIRMER - eye and lip care

  • works in the short, medium and long term to correct the look of expression and lip lines
  • activatescell renewal
  • repairs damage caused over time
  • notibeably diminishes dark under-eye circles and puffiness
  • light-refracting pigments enhance radiance

Beech Shoot Extract - anti-aging active.
Age Corrector Complex - triple action to reduce expression and lip lines.
Drainage Complex - regulates micro-circulation, de-emphasizes dark circles and puffs.

Perfect care of the sensitive eye area
PHYRIS EYE ZONE first-class care products cater fot the carious care requirements of the dilicate eye area.

GOLDEN EYE GEL - the fresch gel combats swelling and smoothens fine lines. the oil-free formulation is also highly suitable for contact lens wearers or for applicatio under make-up.

ANTI - STRESS EYE MASK - hypoallergenic, creamy light eye mask with instant and long-lasting effect. Free from perfumes, colourings and preservatives.

EYE MAKE UP REMOVER GEL - light non-oily eye make up cleansing emulsion for all skin types. Removes waterproof eye liner, long lasting eye shadow and mascara. this texture is perfume free and does not need to be rinsed off. Dermatologically tested. Alcohol-free. Without color pigments.
Application: Apply a small amount with the fingertip or a pad and massage it gently to remove the make up.

GOLDEN GEL - smoothing eye gel for intensive moisture. This smoothing gel formulation with its delicate golden shimmer lends the fragile eye region new elasticity, moisture and a sensation of freshness. The thin skin aaround the eyes is tightened and smoothed with regular use. Extracts of horsetail and Jew's Myrtle lend the GOLDEN GEL a soothing effect which reduces swelling. A freshness programme for the sensiitive eye region.
Application: In the morning and evening, following cleansing with EYE MAKE UP REMOVER GEL, apply to the cleansed skin around the eye and gently work into the skin with the middle and ring fingers. Avoid contac with the eyelashes so that the product cannot enter the eyes.
Tip: the oil-free formulation is eminently suited to use under make-up and for contact lens wearers.
Note: Do not allow product to enter the eyes.

Exclusive anti-aging care to combat premature skin aging
PERFECT AGE combats the signs of time taking its toll with effective active ingredients with wonderful textures. PHYRIS skincare is even more intensive and even longer lasting.

CELL LIFT - smoothening and firming 24-hour care for sensitive, demading skin.

ULTRASOMI - activates skin cell metabolism with oxygen. Tired skin is revitalized and optimally prepared for the subsequent PHYRIS care. Ultrasomi fluid makes the subsequent cosmetic care even more effective and is thus always applied before this.

A'PEEL PORCELAIN PEELING - uses the finest exfoliating grains to gently but effectively remove dead scales of skin. Moistureizing active ingredients protect the skin from dehydration, avocado oil conditions the skin and stimulates its metabolism. The result: an even, rosy porcelain complexion. Free from perservatives and colorings.
Application: Apply to moist skin and lightly massage in (leave out the eye area). Then rinse with lukewarm water,
Tip: When exfoliationg, adjust the pressure of your fingers to the particular are of skin. On foregead, nose and chin, cicle the skin with more pressure;use less pressure on the checks.

DECOLLETE - the tightening intensice care for neck, decollete and bust combats premature aging and loss of elasticity of demanding skin. A high-tech algae active ingredient promotes the direct smoothening effect on the skin's surface. White tea gives the skin thorough protection from free radicals. Isoflacones stop collagen degradation and thus support the tissue structure and the firming of the skin. Creases and fine lines caused by dryness are reduced; the skin looks smoother and finer. For timelessly beautiful skin like silk and satin.
Application: To activate the skin's natural functions, after cleansing apply a SOMI of your choice to neck, decollete and bust. Briefly allow SOMI to take effect. Subsequently, apply a hazelnut- sized amount of Decollete.

CREAMY CLEANSER - cleansing cream concentrate with plant extracts and coconut oil for mixed and dry skin. This mild concentrate cleanses thoroughly without dehydrating the skin. High quality vegetable oils and extracts stabilize the oil content of the skin and have a moisturising effect. Sutiable also for sensitive and dry skin.
Application: Take up a hazelnut-sized amount with moist palms and apply onto face and neck with soft movements. Then rinse off with lukewarm water.